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Embrace the Beauty of Beaver Fur

By April 22, 2014 fur, jackets

When looking to buy fur coats, not only are stylish shoppers in search of comfort and warmth, but they are also looking for a glamorous aesthetic that will make a luxurious statement. For fashionistas who are shopping for a fur piece that offers unbeatable warmth and durability, beaver fur in its natural or sheared form is the way to go! In addition to feeling great and staying warm, beaver fur pieces will take any ordinary outfit from simple to striking the moment you put them on. Whether you choose beaver fur shawls, or fur coats, your look will definitely turn heads wherever you go. Beaver fur can be either longhaired or sheared. Natural, longhaired beaver has long, semi—course guard hairs with a unique sheen and exceptionally thick, soft underfur. Sheared beaver fur, often dyed in playful and fashionable colors, is velvety soft to the touch, having been shorn down to the plush underfur. Whether you are a fur collector who wants to continue expanding your cherished collection or a first time buyer looking for a fur piece that will start your collection off right, beaver fur from ML Furs is a fashionable pick that will reflect your refined taste and style while making sure you stay warm under any conditions.

Zuki Lavender Garden Beaver Fur Mid Length Coat | ML Furs

Fur collectors and fans are very fashion conscientious, to say the least. Since those who wear fur always achieve a sophisticated and glamorous look no matter what, they can count on their fur pieces to be classic symbols of style that can be paired with anything from day to night. Beaver fur coats definitely uphold the fashion standard. The addition of beaver fur coats and accessories can instantly take any look from Plain Jane to red carpet ready. In current fashion, beaver is sheared to a soft velvety texture making it more alluring, modern, and lightweight while still warm. Beaver is extremely durable, and many fur manufacturers and fur designers dye the skins into a rainbow of colors for modern day wear. Beaver pieces are often trimmed with fox and lynx to create some spectacular looks. If you’re fur collection could use a splash of color, or you’re looking to pick a vibrant first piece to start your collection, a stylish beaver fur coat with bright hues is the way to go. Pick Zuki’s ‘Lavender Garden’ Sheared Beaver Fur Mid-Length Coat from ML Furs for the perfect pop of color that can dress up any outfit. The dyed onyx sheared beaver mind length fur coat features Zuki’s signature intarsia with a color myriad of flowers, butterflies, and ladybugs throughout the garment along with Swarovski crystal insets and button closures. or make an evening out even more special by topping off your favorite little black dress with this gorgeous sheared beaver fur coat.

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