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Famous Men Donned in Fur

By February 24, 2017 fur

famous men

Fur attire has long been associated with style and class, and it provides the wearer with certainty that he will always look great while battling the elements. But while some envision long, voluminous fur coats that are over-the-top, the truth is that most fur coats and jackets for men are subtle and understated. A fur jacket can be warm and attractive without being the loudest apparel in the room. And while there is nothing wrong with eye-catching style, if you are looking for something more appropriate for daily wear, there are fur coats and fur jackets for men that offer some really great options.

One simple way to add fur to your winter wardrobe is with a coat or jacket with a fur hood. A fur hood gives you added protection from the elements and adds a bit of variety to your standard coat or jacket.

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Shown here is Andrew Garfield on the set of Spider-Man 2 wearing a simple black jacket with a fur trimmed hood. This Men’s Utah II Down Jacket gives you a similar look in a shorter, more athletic style. The hood offers two-way adjustability and is removable, and the fur itself is detachable to give you a variety of looks. The jacket features inner cuffs with slip-over thumb holes to keep the lower part of your hands warm and to pull down the shoulders, giving you an attractive, comfortable fit. Best of all, the jacket does what you need it to–it keeps you warm while making sure you always look great.

Bogner Fire and Ice offers some incredible coats for men, including jackets and parkas with fur hoods. The fashion house has been dressing celebrities in winter wear for decades, and their coats are known for their incredible warmth and intuitive designs.

This Bogner Fire and Ice Peppe-D Ski Jacket with Coyote Fur Trim, shown here with the fur detached, is a simple yet stylish jacket that you can wear anywhere. The grid-quilted body contains down fill that retains and disperses warmth, and both the hood and the fur are detachable. The pockets are fleece-lined, and there’s an interior pocket for your electronic devices.


The second jacket is a Bogner Fire and Ice Down Ski Parka Lars-D with Coyote Fur Trim, which features a shorter and lighter style. It comes in a simple black matte-texture nylon with light horizontal quilting, and the detachable hood features a removable coyote fur trim. The stand-up collar helps keep you warm even on days when you want to go without the hood. Bogner Fire and Ice is famous for their parkas, and with the easy-to-wear style of this Bogner ski jacket, you can see why.


Men’s furs also come in more formal options, of course, to give you a choice in winter wear that adds a touch of class to your style. Jay-Z, shown here next to Sean Combs (in a fur of his own) at fashion week, looks great in a black fur jacket with a large collar. To get the look, try this Men’s Sheared and Long Haired Mink Fur Coat. The mid-length style offers additional warmth, and the simple three-button front makes this coat a simply elegant addition to any wardrobe.

Finally, when it comes to men’s winter fashion, you can never go wrong with a peacoat. A peacoat is a timeless style which looks great dressed up or down. Turn that peacoat into a fur and you have an incredible combination! Here, the talented John Legend is shown in a fur peacoat which is perfectly tailored and gives him a professional look. You can get this style with our Men’s Black Sheared Mink Double-Breasted Fur Jacket, which provides a classic look with a modern twist.

Fur is everywhere these days, from the streets to the runway. And the style covers everything from men’s chinchilla fur coats to simple fur lining on ski jackets. Whatever your needs, a fur jacket provides everything you need to look great this winter. With ML Furs, you never need to sacrifice warmth for style. Check out our selection of fur coats, including our sale items, and keep yourself looking your best while keeping warm this winter.



Five Ways to Wear Fur Jackets

By February 17, 2017 fur

5 ways to wear fur jackets

Fur jackets are one of the most versatile items you can wear. And yet many still believe that fur must be reserved for formal or other special occasions. The truth is that some of the most fashionable looks involve fur paired with more casual clothing styles. ML Furs carries a full line of fur jackets for women, and we have some top styling suggestions to ensure that your jacket will contribute to your style for years to come. Here are five ways to wear fur jackets:

  1. Pair an eye-catching jacket with jeans and a denim shirt

Wearing a fur jacket with jeans is one of the simplest, yet classiest, looks that you’ll see anywhere. Pairing your jeans with a denim shirt gives you a streamlined look that truly allows your fur jacket to shine. And if the denim-on-denim look is not for you, then pairing most any simple-colored shirt with jeans will still look great in this ensemble.

This Brown Sheared Mink and Chinchilla Fur Jacket shows how lovely a soft feminine fur can look with jeans and boots. This laid-back look reveals the versatility of fur, giving you a gorgeous jacket which easily transitions from day to night.

  1. Match a solid-colored jacket with colored jeans

Wearing an outfit of contrasting colors is a great way to look streamlined and stylish. While black on black is always a flattering combination, breaking the mold and going with a bright color really gives you something special.

This Black Plucked Mink Fur Jacket is a great example of a form-fitting black jacket that looks great with anything. Shown here with brightly-colored skinnies and booties, this simple yet gorgeous mink can be paired with almost anything in your closet, whatever the occasion.

  1. Make the jacket the focal point by pairing with boyfriend jeans and feminine shoes

This style suggestion is one of the most eclectic and fun ways to wear fur–unexpectedly! Fur does not have to be stuffy, and it can help you look chic and polished even in the most casual attire. A pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans combined with a fur jacket creates a solid base for any outfit, and pairing them with stylish shoes and a casual top is a great way to create a funky, fabulous style.

This Tortora Russian Sable Brick Fur Jacket looks absolutely stunning with everything. Shown here with jeans and peep toe booties, this jacket can just as easily be paired with leggings and tennis shoes. The incredibly soft brown fur can easily transition from a walk down the street to a night on the town. Try pairing it with most anything in your wardrobe, and discover a brand new style that you never knew you had.

  1. Wear a white jacket over a dark top and pants

A twist on the monochromatic look is to pair solid yet contrasting colors together for a head-turning combination. One simple way to achieve this look is to take the dark-colored clothing you already have in your wardrobe and top it with a bright white fur jacket.

This Bleached White Shadow Fox Fur Jacket is nothing short of spectacular. Without being ostentatious or over the top, it will make you the center of attention in the room. The beautiful white fur will create a stunning contrast over a simple dark-colored ensemble.

  1. Place a jacket over your shoulders and wear with an evening gown

Finally, furs always look lovely when paired with formalwear, and fur jackets are no exception. Placing the fur over your shoulders allows your dress to shine while also providing warmth during cooler seasons. With a fur jacket, you never have to sacrifice comfort for style.

For a lovely jacket to pair with your most elegant gowns, try this American Lynx Fur Jacket. The European hook-and-eye closure can be used when fully wearing the jacket, or it can be draped over your shoulders for a more convertible look. And with its gorgeous neutral coloring, it will flatter any wardrobe choice, from a ball gown to blue jeans.

For the most spectacular fur jackets for sale anywhere, trust ML Furs. Our dedication to excellence in our products and customer service is unrivaled, and we would be happy to help you find the perfect fur jacket for any occasion.


Style Your Look for the Slopes Like These Top Celebrities

By February 10, 2017 fur

celeb slope styleIt’s a question that comes up every time the weather cools: How can I dress for the elements while still looking stylish? Being sexy does not necessarily mean having to show some skin. With a longtime winter weather fashion expert like Bogner, you can keep your glamorous style without sacrificing warmth. Bogner has been making fashionable winter weather wear for over 80 years, and has been a staple of the beautiful woman’s wardrobe for decades. Marilyn Monroe, Ingrid Bergman, and Jayne Mansfield were all fans, bringing this gorgeous line to the forefront of skiwear culture.

If you’re in need of some style inspiration this winter, look no further than your closest fashion magazine. What Marilyn and Jayne started, today’s fashion icons such as Kim Kardashian West and Paris Hilton have continued, easily settling the argument over whether warm can also be sexy.

Bogner Fire and Ice is a line of Bogner’s signature items which are intended for winter athletic wear, making this collection the perfect choice for hitting the slopes. The Fire and Ice collection includes down coats and jackets, as well as ski pants and everything else you might need to protect you from the elements this winter. As you fill out your winter wardrobe, here are some inspirational pictures of celebrities looking great in skiwear, along with some Bogner Fire and Ice selections to help you achieve the look.

paris hilton pants

Take a look at Paris Hilton, bringing pigtails back while staying warm and sexy on the slopes. Her monochromatic style–black pants and matching jacket and hat–gives her a streamlined silhouette. Get this look for yourself with these Bogner Fire and Ice Ski Pants Lindy in black. They are warm yet breathable, with a four-way stretch that makes them both comfortable and stylish. Plus, they are waterproof and specifically designed to be flattering while versatile enough to be worn from the city street to the ski chalet.

Kim K Ski

No discussion of winter fashion is complete without discussing the queen herself, Kim Kardashian West. Here, Kim and her daughter North West look incredible in their matching ski jackets with fur hoods. To get the look, try this Bogner Fire and Ice Down Ski Jacket Sally-D, with Raccoon Fur Trim. Shown here in silver chrome but available in a number of colors, this jacket has a detachable hood with removable fur trim, giving you ultimate versatility. Its form-fitting style makes for a gorgeous, body-hugging silhouette, ensuring you will look great even when shuffling through the snow. Take Kim’s word for it–when it comes to winter weather, you can never go wrong with fur. And Bogner Fire and Ice down jackets combine the beauty and softness of fur with the warmth of down, making for the ultimate winter wear package.

Kate Ski Jacket

Whoever said that you cannot wear white after Labor Day has obviously never spoken with Kate Middleton. Here, Kate looks her usual stylish self in a white ski jacket with a snap front, perfectly tailored to her lovely frame. Get the look with Bogner Fire and Ice Ski Parka Jill in White, shown here with a great pair of Bogner Fire and Ice ski pants in a zebra print. This parka, which comes with fleece-lined pockets and Primaloft Gold insulation, is perfect for hitting the slopes this winter. It has a removable hood with a detachable fur lining, allowing you to modify your jacket to match your activities. And the ski pants are the perfect combination of form and function, with a waterproof, four-way stretch fabric great for any winter weather adventure.

As the weather cools, Mother Nature also ushers in a new fashion season, giving you a great excuse to upgrade your winter wardrobe. A Bogner ski jacket and ski pants are just what you need to keep you looking incredibly stylish and warm this ski season. Follow in the footsteps of these celebrities, and let Bogner help you find the jacket or parka of your dreams. With Bogner Fire and Ice, it is sure to be a wonderful winter indeed.

Going to a Winter Wedding? Stay Warm and Look Fabulous in a Fur Coat

By February 3, 2017 fur


winter wedding
Weddings are joyous occasions, and they are the perfect opportunity to express love and create memories with our family and friends. Winter weddings are particularly special, as the cooler temperatures and unique settings can make for once-in-a-lifetime events. You should not let the elements keep you from looking your best this season, and a winter wedding is no exception. If you find yourself seeking attire for a winter wedding, consider adding a real fur coat to your wardrobe to give any ensemble an added touch of glamour and style.

A wedding is the perfect opportunity to search for a new fur coat, keeping in mind your purpose for the coat both at and after the wedding. A wedding is also a wonderful time to find some incredible fur coat sales, saving you money on a quality investment piece. There are, however, a few rules when it comes to dressing for weddings: generally speaking, wedding guests should avoid wearing white unless specifically requested to do so by the bridal party. Also, note that most winter weddings tend to have a more formal dress code than their spring counterparts. Therefore, nearly any non-white fur garment will be well-suited for winter wedding wear, giving you a wide variety of options when choosing your attire. Here are some choices from ML Furs’ bridal and evening collection to consider, each of which would make a perfect selection for outerwear for a winter wedding:

If you are looking for an absolutely stunning fur for a wedding or other formal occasion, look no further than this Black Cross Mink and White Fox Fur Cape. It features the perfect combination of warmth and glamour, and its eye-catching white hue makes it uniquely suited for any winter wedding. The Peter Pan collar will give you extra warmth and protection from the elements, while the hook and eye clasp closures add an extra touch of style to the cape. Another great benefit of wearing a cape for a wedding is that it can keep you warm while not wrinkling or causing any signs of wear on the clothing beneath it. This makes a cape the perfect selection to wear over wedding and other formal gowns.

For something with a bit more coverage, consider this Hooded Pearl Mink Mid-Length Fur Coat. This all-white coat features chevron and horizontal side grooves, along with an inside track belt, which come together to fit and flatter your silhouette beautifully. Plus, with the help of the soft hood, this coat is guaranteed to keep you warm even in the coolest of temperatures.

Remember that even traditional furs look great in formal settings. Therefore, if something bridal-themed is not your preference, then you can never go wrong with a standard floor-length mink. This Blackforest Ranch Mink Fur Coat offers the ultimate in glamour, luxury, and softness. It drapes beautifully over any dress or gown suitable for a romantic winter wedding. Its longer length and turned-back cuffs make it perfect for more formal occasions, and the wing collar helps to add protection from the elements. After the wedding, it will look great over anything from a pair of slacks and heels (as shown here), to a cocktail dress for your next formal adventure.

When it comes to beauty and glamour, you simply cannot beat the look of real fur coats. Furs come in a wide variety of lengths, colors, and styles to flatter any body shape and fashion style, and it is simple to find great fur coats on sale. With proper care, a fur can last you a lifetime, and by investing in simple colors and styles, you can ensure that your choice will suit even the fastest-changing fashions. If you are looking to make a glamorous entrance to a winter wedding this season, let fur be your fashion statement. Keep in mind that many wedding and formal occasion furs are special order items; therefore, order early to ensure that you leave plenty of time before the special occasion for your fur to arrive. From full-length coats to shorter jackets, from mink to chinchilla, the beauty and softness of fur is sure to turn any winter wedding into the style event of a lifetime.

The Top Five Fur Jackets for Men This Winter

By January 27, 2017 fur

Many believe that fur coats are made exclusively for women, but the truth is that men have been wearing fur for centuries. Not only is fur attractive, but it is also, of course, incredibly warm, making it a desirable garment material as temperatures drop. And as anyone who has watched the hit “Game of Thrones” knows, men in fur are incredibly sexy. If you have not looked into the wide variety of furs available to men, you are truly missing out on some of the most stylish outerwear options available anywhere. From athletic parkas to dressy pea coats, you can find fur versions of nearly any jacket, allowing you to add warmth and texture to your wardrobe without changing your overall style. Here are five great fur coat options for men which are sure to suit any man’s build and style preferences:


This Men’s Utah II Down Jacket shows how adding just a hint of fur can make a big difference with any coat. Made by Zero RH+, this jacket truly has it all. In addition to the two-way adjustable, removable hood with detachable fur, it also features an inner gaiter with anti-slip elastic lining, inner cuffs with thumb holes to pull the shoulder down and keep the hands warm, and a ski-pass pocket. Overall, it offers incredible style and protection from the elements, making this jacket the total package whether on or off piste.

This Men’s Spanish Black Shearling Jacket is deceptively simple in appearance. Its streamlined shape and straight sleeves give it the external appearance of a classic fall jacket. But this jacket features a black shearling lining which sets it apart from all others. The lining makes this jacket incredibly warm, soft, and comfortable, while the stand-up collar and detailed topstitching keep it incredibly masculine. If the goal is to stay warm and look great this winter, this black shearling jacket is the perfect choice.

For something with a little more pizzazz, take a look at this Men’s Black Sheared Mink Fur Jacket. This jacket is one of our most popular items for those looking to buy a gift of fur for the man in their life. That is because this jacket offers the perfect combination of refined, masculine styling with the warmth and softness of mink. The simple silhouette and incredible attention to detail make it a versatile outerwear choice well-suited for everything from formal wear to jeans. It makes a smooth transition from the office to dinner out and flatters any style. The three-button front, straight sleeve, and detailed craftsmanship make this jacket a wonderful wardrobe investment for any man.

If you are looking for something that will take you from the slopes to city streets, try a Bogner parka. Bogner has been making incredible outdoor athletic-based clothing and outerwear for over 80 years, and they have never stopped being one of the top fashion houses in their field. This Bogner Fire and Ice Peppe-D Parka offers unrivaled warmth and protection from the elements and makes a smart choice for anyone in need of a versatile jacket that can be worn all winter long. Shown here in Espresso, this parka features a detachable hood with removable coyote fur trim, giving you a great way to look your best this winter. For the very best in men’s winter wear, check out the Bogner Fire & Ice collection.

Finally, for a true statement piece, take a look at this Men’s Black Sheared Mink Double Breasted Fur Jacket. It is a great choice for those looking to set a trend while staying warm this winter season. It features a strong double-breasted style with masculine shoulders, epaulets and straight sleeves with tabs. The slash pockets, button closures, and a soft silk lining makes this coat the perfect option for wearing over jeans or for something more formal. Enjoy the incredible warmth and softness of sheared mink with this gorgeous jacket.

Discover why generations of men have counted on fur to keep them warm and fashionable as the temperatures drop each year. Fur outerwear for men is available in a number of styles, from simple fur trims to full fur jackets that look similar to sport, or overcoat styles, giving you a number of ways to add fur into your life. Treat yourself to the warmest, softest, most comfortable coats available anywhere with a selection from the men’s department at ML Furs. Whether as a gift for someone you love or simply for yourself, you will find that fur outerwear is a wonderful investment which can last for decades to come.