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Choose Chinchilla: Naturally Gorgeous and Incredibly Soft

By March 18, 2014 fur

Whether it’s the unparalleled lustrous look, the impeccably soft texture, or the naturally unique style that draws you in, Chinchilla is sure to be one of your favorite furs, if it isn’t already. Avid and committed fur collectors will agree when we say that there is nothing quite like the incredible texture and aesthetic of chinchilla fur coats and accessories like glamorous fur vests and jackets.

Choosing a chinchilla as an addition to your growing collection is a stunning choice. Already have a mink coat that has been your favorite for years? Add a new chinchilla coat to the mix for a different look and texture you will love. At ML Furs, you can choose from chinchilla fur coats and accessories that will make a statement and add instant luxury to even your most casual everyday outfits. Choosing a full service furrier like ML Furs, you will not only be taken care of when it comes to choosing your fur piece, but you will have a reliable and experienced source to trust for alterations, restyling, repairs, cleaning, glazing and storage.  ML Furs will make sure you always love your chinchilla as much as you did the first day you put it on.

Grow your extensive collection of furs with a fabulously beautiful chinchilla. As a fur collector, you know how practical and lightweight chinchilla coats and accessories are. Choose a chinchilla vest and jazz up any outfit instantly. For a casual and chilly day, wear the Anamoda Horizontal Chinchilla Tunic Fur Vest with patterned skinnies, a black cashmere sweater, and a pair of knee-high flat boots. Try wearing a bold lip color, like a deep red with your chinchilla fur vest for a pop of color and glamorous contrast.

Anamoda Horizontal Chinchilla Tunic Fur Vest

If you are looking to purchase your very first fur piece, the natural beauty of a chinchilla will make heads turn. You will enjoy the ultra-soft texture for years to come. Want to start your collection with a practical and stunning accessory? The Chinchilla Fur Stole is a great choice that can bring flavor and luxury to any outfit. You can perfectly pair your shawl with a classic pencil skirt, a satin blouse, and your favorite pumps for a night out. Add silver or gold accessories to your outfit for even more sparkle. When buying your first chinchilla stole it’s important to remember that chinchilla needs to be carefully taken care of so it can be enjoyed for years to come. The services at ML Furs can ensure your chinchilla stole stays in the bet possible shape.


Has it been a while since you’ve purchased a fur? Do you already have fur you treasure, but are ready to see what’s new in the glamorous world of fur? Choose a chinchilla from ML Furs when adding a new piece to your wardrobe. If you already have a full-length coat you love, choose a gorgeous mid-length coat like the Zandra Rhodes Horizontal Black Velvet Chinchilla Mid-Length Fur Coat. The horizontal details give this stunning coat a unique look that will bring in a new flavor to your wardrobe. Wear this piece with a classic red cocktail dress and loose waves for a glamorous look that will make heads turn.

Zandra Rhodes Horizontal Black Velvet Chinchilla Mid Length Fur Coat

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