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Achieve Sophistication with Sable

By March 20, 2014 fur

There’s nothing subtle about sophisticated and incredibly luxurious sable fur. When you choose a sable fur coat, all eyes will be on you. Enjoy the dark brown or golden color in a Canadian Sable, or choose the dark brown with natural silver hairs of a Russian Sable. Either way, you will adore the lightweight quality and soft, silky texture of sable fur coats and accessories like fur hats. Shop the collection of sables at ML Furs for Sable coats and accessories that have glamor written all over them. For fur collectors who already cherish their sable pieces, a woman can never have enough sable. Add unique and luxurious sable accessories to your collection to embellish your already glamorous wardrobe. If you haven’t purchased a fur piece in years, there is no better way to return to the sophisticated world of fur than with an ultra luxurious sable. Those making their first fur purchase will start their collection off right by choosing a sable coat or accessory.

If you’re making your first fur purchase, choose the extremely glamorous sable as your very first piece. You will fall in love with how comfortable, practical, and of course, stunning this fur is. Whether you choose a coat, hat, or other accessories, your sable piece will make sure you start growing your fur collection! When purchasing your sable from ML Furs, you don’t have to worry about taking care of your new fur. With services like storage, cleaning, repairs, restyling and glazing your sable will be in great hands. If you can’t decide which sable piece to start your collection off with, the Chalue Sable Plate Fur Vest  is a great choice. Gorgeous, yet practical and versatile, this vest will soon become your prized possession. Wear this stunning fur with light colors like beige and camel for a gorgeous contrast.

If you have an extensive fur collection you treasure, choose sable fur accessories you can mix and match with your many coats and jackets. Adding a unique and eye-catching accessory like the EM-EL Sable Fur Headband will take your look to the next level.

This natural Russian sable headband is elegant and alluring and will keep you warm without messing up your perfect hair-do. You can pair it with your sable coats, or wear it on its own with a pair of jeans and riding boots. For those who haven’t purchased a fur coat in years, why not go with a fur coat and headband for a complete look? Choosing a sable coat like the EM-EL Sable Fur Coat will remind you of the satisfying and luxurious feeling of purchasing brand new and the top of the line, incredibly soft fur.


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