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Think Pink and Mink

By October 22, 2013 fur, News and Events

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When thinking about October, one hue comes to mind, pink, representing National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Whether out shopping or watching the NFL our society demonstrates a more cognizant approach to a subject so close to so many.  The connotation to pink makes it much more than a color.  It’s a bold reminder for the women to take control and be responsible reducing the stigma of breast cancer, through education, about early detection, symptoms, and treatment.  Therefore, we couldn’t wait to put together our very own MLFurs “Think Pink” campaign. We are also pleased to announce that we are giving 5% of October’s sales to the Susan G. Komen fund.

Women play so many important roles throughout their lives as daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, friends, volunteers, and caregivers, truly an endless list.  Often, whilst too busy taking care of others, or involved in careers, women neglect to take care of themselves.  Mother’s never fail to schedule the well child exam, however, “the annual” exam somehow seems easier to put off until a later date.  The truth is self-care and prevention is just as, if not more, important because kids need their mother’s to be healthy in order to watch them grow and thrive throughout their lives.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month really hits home for us here at MLFurs because we have many wonderful clients that are currently fighting this battle, and so many others who are also breast cancer survivors, all of whom we have shared many heartfelt moments.  So this season, with the power of this blog and campaign, please be aware when you are purchasing all those cute pink fur accessories and fur garments during October.  Please take some time to learn about family history, schedule an annual check-up, and do monthly self-exams.   Think about what the pink represents- the power women have to take control of their own health.

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