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By March 11, 2014 fur

Fashionable fur fans everywhere can attest to the luxury and versatility fur can bring to your wardrobe. Within the glamorous world of fur, the amazingly durable and versatile mink fur is a staple that only seems to get more stylish and popular through the years. The versatility and practicality of mink keeps you warm while adding glamour to your look and accompanying you to any occasion from day to night. Whether you are a fur enthusiast with an impressive collection of stunning furs, or an eager beginner excited to make your first luxurious fur purchase, ML Furs has a collection of fabulous mink fur coats and accessories that are always fashionable and sophisticated. ML Furs not only has an extensive collection of stylish furs but you can also make sure your fur coats and accessories feel and look as good as new for years with services like storage, cleaning, resurfacing, and glazing. Shop for mink fur coats or fur handbags for essentials and accessories that can be styled with any outfit, no matter what your unique style may be.  Build your prized fur collection or fall in love with fur with your first purchase of refined minks from ML Furs.

Those looking to expand their glamorous fur collection, can adorn their outfits with many fabulous mink accessories, or add to their staple pieces with mink coats and jackets. Our Pologeorgis Mahogany Mink Fur Scarf is the perfect choice for a fashionable fur collector. You will love the versatility and practicality of this stunning piece that can be warn with any outfit from day to night. The supple touch of the longhaired mink gives you the wonderful soft feel fur lovers adore. Add glamor to your already polished look by pairing the stylish Mahogany Mink Fur Scarf with a classic sheath knee length dress, your favorite pair of pumps, and statement drop earrings. Turn heads with this piece as you go about your day in comfortable leggings, a printed sweater, and booties.

Mahogany Mink Fur Scarf

If you are a longtime fan of fur but haven’t purchased a glamorous fur for years, there is no better time than now to add to your luxurious array of furs with a mink coat or mink accessories. Mink has been around for centuries, and is getting even more stylish through the years. Although fur is always popular, the styles are ever changing. Modern mink coats are lighter in weight, sheared and shorter than the mink coats that came before them. Add to your fabulous pieces with a mid-length mink that will make a statement and turn heads. The EM-EL Brown Sheared and Mahogany Mink Mid-Length Fur Coat features a natural longhaired mahogany mink mandarin collar, two-row cuffs, and three-row bottom border. You will fall in love with the velvety touch and charming hair-up, hair down pattern. Wear this unique mid-length mink coat with a beige or natural-toned sweater, leggings, and a pair of stylish riding boots. Add to the glamour by pairing this stunning mink with mink accessories like a handbag, hat or fur-trimmed gloves.

Brown Sheared and Mahogany Mink Mid-Length Fur Coat

There’s nothing more exciting than making your first fur purchase. For those that are new to the luxurious world of fur, starting your fur collection with a classic and versatile mink coat from ML Furs is a great choice. Mink is amazingly durable and can be worn in countless ways with any outfit. Start your collection with the Mary McFadden Mahogany Mink Fur Coat, and the unbelievably soft fur will make sure that your collection continues to glamorously grow. The longhaired directional mahogany mink fur coat features a wing collar and bracelet cuffs. Wear this coat on top of your floor length evening gown with classic stud earrings and a loose up-do to the next black tie event for a red carpet look that will make sure all eyes are on you.

Mary Mc Fadden Mahogany Mink Fur Coat

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