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How to Take Care of Your Fur Jacket

By January 20, 2017 fur

A fur is one of the strongest wardrobe investments that you can make. Fur jackets are timeless, sure to flatter any attire. They offer warmth and protection from the elements while ensuring that you are always your most stylish self. But in order to get the most from your fur, you need to care for it properly. And care for your fur begins from day one: that moment when you first search for “fur jackets for sale” and begin browsing for a fur seller. That’s because your seller can be your number one source for assisting you with the care of your fur jacket. Therefore, as you review the following, keep in mind that choosing the right seller can simplify this process by offering cleaning, repair, and storage solutions which will keep your fur jacket looking its best.

Daily Tips for Keeping Your Jacket Looking Its Best:

  • Your fur is sensitive to certain chemicals and other elements. Therefore, you should practice “last on, first off” when wearing your fur, meaning that you should put it on right as you are leaving the house and take it off as soon as you return. This will help to keep your jacket protected from hairspray, makeup, perfume, and other chemicals which can damage the fur.
  • For daily storage, you should hang your jacket in a place where it will have access to plenty of air flow and will not be crushed by surrounding wardrobe pieces. Never hang your fur jacket in a plastic storage bag of any kind, as the plastic can crush or break the delicate hairs of your fur. Also, do not hang your jacket in a cedar closet. Cedar can dry out the air, and dry air can be extremely damaging to fur. Also, never hang your fur jacket near mothballs. The same chemicals that make mothballs useful for certain clothing items can be very harmful for fur jackets.
  • If your fur jacket gets wet, do not dry it with heat. Simply let it air dry in an open room. If your jacket becomes overly soaked, then the safest course of action is to take it to a fur specialist who can ensure that it is properly cleaned and dried.

Cleaning Moisturizing and Storage:

  • Each year having your fur garments cleaned and naturally moisturized professionally is optimal. Never take fur items to a standard dry cleaner as they do not know how to care for fur garments –you should use a fur specialist to ensure that your jacket is properly treated in order to increase its longevity against the skins drying out quickly and tears that may occur more rapidly. Also, remember that the annual cleaning and moisturizing schedule assumes that you have not had any spills or other accidents which require immediate cleaning. If your jacket needs immediate cleaning, you should always do so. When it comes to jackets and other fur items, you are always better off being extra-safe.
  • You should also have your jacket professionally stored during the summer or any other extended period of time when you will not be wearing it. If you have chosen a professional furrier during the purchasing process seller, they will be able to provide you with storage, moisturizing and cleaning options so that you can have the bundle completed at the same time. The importance of professional storage cannot be overstated as the environment will be temperature controlled A proper storage provider will provide the correct balance of air moisture and temperature, as well as offer protection from pests.
  • Speaking of pests – household pests such as the case making clothes moths can damage a fur very quickly. And unfortunately, by the time you discover that you have them, the damage has already been done. And unless you hire an exterminator, the moths will continue to return. Plus, mice and other rodents will literally eat their way through your fur. Professional storage is the best way to ensure that your furs are protected.
  • Finally, you should have your fur jacket repaired as necessary. A professional fur care provider can carefully review your coat for damage and complete any needed repairs when you bring it in for cleaning and/or storage .to see if there are any areas in need of repair. If you find your coat is in need of repair take it to a trusted furrier such as ML Furs so they will be able to address the issue immediately. The more responsive you are to the needs of your jacket, the longer it will keep you dry, warm, and looking its best.

Like any investment piece, your fur jacket requires a bit of maintenance. But by simply taking a few steps to keep your jacket protected, repaired, and properly stored, you can ensure that you will keep it looking beautiful. Also, click here for information about maintaining your fur coat, provided by the experts at ML Furs.


By November 22, 2016 fur
#WinterIsComing | ML Furs


Winter weather is finally upon us, and cooler temperatures mean greater wardrobe flexibility. When it comes to winter wear, one word is on everyone’s mind: fur. Fur is the classic winter staple, helping you withstand the elements while keeping you covered from head to toe in impeccable style. When you are shopping for fur coats, jackets, vests, or accessories, you can trust the experts at ML Furs to help you find exactly what you are searching for. Their incredible selection and stunning styles cannot be beat, and their free shipping makes shopping a breeze. You can find everything from durable mink to incredibly soft chinchilla, giving you an incredible number of selections to suit your winter styles. If you are looking to beat the weather this season, fur is the best choice.

But fur offers you more than just warmth. Fur makes an enviable fashion statement, and can be worn everywhere from a coffee shop to the red carpet. And with all of the fur options available, you are always certain to find something you will love. You can find fur coats and jackets in everything from the understated elegance of black mink to the eye-catching beauty of the American lynx. Best of all, with the incredible prices and fur sale options, you can be certain that you are making an investment that will last a lifetime. Fur offers the perfect combination of glamour and durability, making it a wonderful choice for surviving the winter weather. Whether you choose a full-length coat, a mid-length jacket, or a simple shawl, with proper care your fur is sure to provide you with years of wear. Take a look at the following fur selections for some wonderful examples of all that fur has to offer.

For a classic style, take this Black Sheared Mink Fur Coat in a lower-calf length, giving you the ultimate in warmth and luxury. This coat features a sheared collar to protect you from the elements, while maintaining an understated, streamlined style which ensures versatility. It has a black silk blend lining, straight sleeves and slanted pockets to ensure comfortable wear; and the hook-and-eye closure gives you a gorgeous aesthetic without sacrificing warmth. Pair it with a jumpsuit as shown here, or with anything from slacks to an evening gown. This coat shows why when it comes to fur, you can never go wrong with a black mink.

Look lavish this winter in our black sheared mink fur coat from ML Furs!

For a completely different style, take a look at this Sheared Pearl Long-haired Palomino Mink Fur Coat. Its mid-length design makes it a glamorous choice even for more casual situations. This coat can make a smooth transition from the office to the opera, and looks great everywhere in between. And the eye-catching pearl shade–sure to get your heart beating a bit faster–is nothing short of stunning. The stand-up collar features a fashionable button closure, sure to complement the straight sleeves for a high-style aesthetic. Wear it with or without a belt to suit your personal preference. This jacket is the perfect transition piece from fall to winter, and will have you turning heads all season long.

Fall in love with this soft & warm sheared pearl long-haired Palomino mink fur coat from ML Furs this winter!

Fur comes in more than just coats and jackets. Vests are also a great way to add some fur to your wardrobe that will provide you with versatility as the weather cools. This Navy Chinchilla and Sheared Mink Fur Vest comes in the loveliest deep blue hue, and features both an inside track belt and an outside suede belt to cinch your waist. It looks perfect with any ensemble, whether as outerwear or a central piece of your outfit. Pair it with some skinny jeans or a jumpsuit to add some unexpected style to your ensemble.

Stay warm inside or outdoors in this versatile navy chinchilla & sheared mink fur vest from ML Furs!

From long coats to shorter jackets and vests, fur and winter go hand-in-hand. And when it comes to upgrading your wardrobe, the right fur selection can make all the difference. As you shop for fur this season, consider thinking outside of the box. Pair a more formal-style fur with simpler clothing to really make your outerwear pop, or consider adding some accessories to spice up a casual fur selection. When it comes to fur, the possibilities are truly endless.

Three Fur Fashion Taboos You Should Break

By November 15, 2016 fur, jackets
Break 3 Fur Fashion Taboos | ML Murs

For those new to the world of fur, you might feel as if your fur selections are limited by certain unwritten “rules” that must be followed. This idea usually comes from a history of seeing fur as a certain type of garment–perhaps the long, flowing mink coat shown on red carpets, or the stole you admired in your grandmother’s closet. But the truth is that fur is highly versatile, and can be worn in a number of ways and for a variety of occasions. And if you limit yourself to what you consider “rule-following” or traditional approaches to fur, you are likely to miss out on a number of wonderful fur options well-suited for a wide variety of occasions. Before you purchase a fur, consider these three fur fashion taboos you should break in order to help you best incorporate fur into your wardrobe to complement your existing style and to allow you to get the most wear from your purchase.

  1. Fur Should Only Be Worn with Formalwear

This is one of the most common misconceptions about fur. The confused belief that fur should be reserved for formal occasions makes sense, but is ultimately an untrue and unnecessary restriction. While fur does add glamor and sophistication to any ensemble, and while it does look incredible with fur dresses and gowns, there are a number of fur items which look just as great when paired with jeans as they do with a cocktail dress.

For example, take a look at this Brown Plucked Horizontal Mink and Chinchilla Fur Jacket, shown here with a pair of jeans and boots. While the jacket is incredibly soft and luxurious, it does not require a formal occasion in order to take it out of the closet. The simple, clean lines and subtle pattern make it a great choice for everything from an evening at the opera to a trip to the grocery store.

Who says furs are only for formal wear? ML Furs says you can dress them down too!

Keep in mind that while fur does not require a formal occasion, the longer-length coats and jackets will be better suited to dressier clothing. Most mid-length and ¾ coats, as well as vests and other accessories, of course, can be paired with more casual attire.

  1. Fur Should Not Be Worn Indoors

While fur is often associated with outerwear, there are also a number of ways to wear fur indoors as part of your underlying outfit. Take a look at this Black Horizontal Mink Pullover with Side Zipper, shown here with a long-sleeved top, jeans, and matching boots. It is a great way to get the softness and sophistication of fur without limiting yourself to a coat or jacket.

Get around this fur fashion taboo with a fur pullover from ML Furs that you can wear indoors or outdoors!

Another way to wear fur indoors is with a vest. This Blackglama Mink Fur Vest can give you added warmth when you need it, but its look is versatile enough to give it life outside of outerwear. Pair it with jeans as shown, or over a cotton dress or jumpsuit to give your fall or spring fashion a new breath of life. Vests are a wonderful fashion staple, and they come in a number of lengths, colors, and styles to suit every fur preference.

Get around a fur fashion taboo with our Blackglama Fur Vest to wear indoors or outdoors!

  1. Fur Cannot Be Subtle

It is true that fur can be an incredible statement piece, especially with more eye-catching selections such as lynx. But a fur item does not have to be the most noticeable apparel in your wardrobe, given the wide variety of subtle fur choices available.

For outerwear, you can incorporate fur into a hood or cuffs for an understated look which will keep you feeling warm and looking great. This Strella Navy Quilted Apres-Ski Coat with Finn Raccoon Fur Trim shows you how you can wear fur on your coat without it being the central focus. It is the perfect combination of beauty and durability, as its quilted, waterproof shell will keep you warm on the slopes, while the fur-trim hood exudes sophistication.

Break fur fashion taboos with this modern, chic ski coat for an every day, luxurious look from ML Furs.

For a more streamlined look, consider this Black Apres Ski Coat With Fox Fur Trim. It has a shaped fit, and the fox fur trim on the hood, sleeves, and hem is all detachable. The coat is even machine-washable, making for a great combination of luxury and wearability.

Wear our Black Apres Ski Coat with Fox Fur Trim from ML Furs for a more streamlined, every day luxurious look.

Seven of the Best Fur Coats for Winter

By November 8, 2016 fur
7 Best Furs For Winter | ML Furs

One of the best parts about the changing seasons is that they provide a great opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe. One of the easiest ways to make a bold statement this winter is with a new fur coat. Furs add style and glamour to any attire, while providing you with exceptional warmth that you will not find with any other coat. And with the wide variety of fur coat lengths, styles, and colors available, you are sure to find something that you’ll love. As you shop for a fur, consider the following:

  • Where will you wear your coat? Longer styles are usually more appropriate for formal occasions.
  • What kind of fur suits you best? From mink to lynx, each fur type has its own varying degrees of warmth and softness.
  • Do you wish to coordinate with accessories? If you already have a hat, scarf, pair of gloves, or other accessory that you wish to wear with your fur, you should choose something which will both accentuate and flatter those items.

Deciding upon a fur is a personal choice, and you should make your decision based upon your own personal needs and preferences. But reviewing the various types of fur available is a great way to help you narrow down your choice. Here are seven of the best fur coats for winter:

  1. Black Sheared Mink Reversible Fur Coat

Black Sheared Mink Reversible Fur Coat | ML Furs

This beautiful black sheared mink reversible fur coat has a secret–it reverses to a raincoat, giving you the best of both worlds when protecting yourself from the cold and rain. When the coat is reversed, the fur trim around the wrists and neckline is still visible, maintaining your glamorous look while also protecting you from the elements. Plus, its simple black styling and large front buttons make this fur coat a simple yet stunning addition to any wardrobe.

  1. Brown Sheared and Mahogany Mink Horizontal Fur Coat

Brown Sheared & Mahogany Mink Horizontal Fur Coat | ML Furs

This brown beauty comes to you from Michael Kors, whose furs are known worldwide for being the ultimate combination of warmth and luxury. This mid-calf length coat is perfect for both formal and casual outings, and its stand-up collar offers additional protection from the elements.

  1. Hooded Sheared & Long Haired Horizontal Palomino Mink Fur Coat

Hooded Sheared & Long Haired Horizontal Palomino Mink Fur Coat | ML Furs

This gorgeous palomino mink fur coat is absolutely breathtaking. With its intricate pattern and bell sleeves, it provides a unique silhouette which flatters every figure. The optional belt accentuates your waist, while the just-under-¾ length is perfect for everywhere from the office to the ballroom. Plus, the incredibly soft hood gives you extra warmth and glamour even for simple, everyday outings.

  1. American Lynx Semi-Belly Mid-Length Fur Coat

American Lynx Semi-Belly Mid-Length Fur Coat | ML Furs

This incredible American lynx mid-length coat is an absolute showstopper. The incredibly rich, natural tones give this coat a distinct look, while its flattering A-line shape looks great over any ensemble. Best of all, because it is a mid-length fur, you can wear it over virtually anything. From evening wear to jeans and a sweater, this coat will be the final finishing touch on all of your winter wear this season.

  1. Russian Broadtail and Sable Mid-Length Fur Coat

Russian Broadtail & Sable Mid-Length Fur Coat | ML Furs

The silhouette created by this Russian broad tail and sable mid-length fur coat makes it an incredible addition to any ensemble. The Russian broad tail is incredibly light yet warm, and the stand-up sable collar offers additional protection from the elements. The bell sleeves and A-line shape make it perfect for pairing with everything from slacks to ball gowns.

  1. Hooded Silver Cross Mink Mid-Length Fur Coat

Hooded Silver Cross Mink Mid-Length Fur Coat | ML Furs

The natural silver color of this hooded mink mid-length fur is incredibly stunning. It features an internal belt which cinches the back and sides, producing a flattering silhouette and ensuring a breezy movement around your hips. The hood adds warmth and softness, while the straight sleeves make it the perfect addition over lighter dresses and blouses.

  1. Tortora Sheared Mink & Smoked Gray Mink Mid-Length Fur Coat

Tortora Sheared Mink & Smoked Gray Mink Mid-Length Fur Coat | ML Furs

The earthy tones of this mid-length fur make it a perfect choice for complementing your winter wardrobe. The sheared fur pattern gives the coat depth and distinction, while the stand-up collar provides additional warmth and exceptional glamour. Pair it with formal wear or a pair of dress slacks and heels to help you put your best foot forward every time you leave the house.

How to Determine Which Fur Length is Best for You

By November 1, 2016 fur, jackets
How to Determine Fur Length For You | ML Furs

For many, hearing the phrase “fur coat” produces a mental vision of the long, formal coats which have graced opera houses, red carpets, and other formal affairs for generations. But the truth is that furs come in a number of lengths, including full, three-quarter, waist-length, and even bolero. Choosing the fur length that is best for you is in part a matter of personal preference, but varying lengths will be suitable for different needs and/or occasions. As you decide which fur length is best, consider the following:

Full-Length Coats

Full-length furs, such as this Blackforest Ranch Mink, are best suited for formal occasions. They are also the length which will provide you the most warmth, given their coverage. Ankle-length coats are best for cold weather climates and seasons, although their warmth and softness will vary by fur type. A full-length fur coat is the ultimate in luxurious outerwear, adding grace and charm to any attire.

Black Forest Mink Fur Coat With Wing Collar | ML Furs

Three-Quarter Length Coat

A three-quarter length coat is the perfect choice for both casual and more formal occasions. This Michael Kors Brown Sheared Mink, for example, is stunningly beautiful without overpowering the attire beneath it. And what the three-quarter length coat loses in warmth, it makes up for in versatility. For decades, the world’s most fashionable women have been choosing three-quarter and other “mid-length” coats, finding them to be the perfect combination of elegance and casual chic.

Most three-quarter length coats hit at the mid-calf. They can be paired with everything from formal, full-length gowns to cocktail dresses to slacks to mini skirts. And the length still provides you with adequate warmth, making them the perfect “in-between” fur for those looking for multiple wear opportunities.

Brown Sheared & Mahogany Mink Horizontal Fur Coat | ML Furs

Waist-Length Coats

Waist-length coats are the perfect choice for those looking for the glamour of fur with the simple elegance of a more casual length. Waist-length furs still look great with formal styles, but they can also be paired with everything from jeans to a mini skirt and leggings to enhance your look. Plus, because shorter furs bring the eye upward, they are a great tool for focusing on your accessories.

Waist-length coats are also a great source of variety, as you can choose down jackets with fur trim to give yourself a more rugged option perfect for everywhere from the slopes to the city street. For example, this Guy Laroche hooded rabbit and fox fur down jacket is versatile enough for daily wear. Plus, the shorter length makes these jackets a great choice for extended use in a wide range of climates, as their reduced coverage makes them more spring and fall weather friendly.

Hooded Black Rex Rabbit & Fox Fur Down Jacket | ML Furs


If you’re looking for something truly unique, consider adding a fur bolero to your wardrobe, such as this white mink fur shrug. The traditional bolero covers the shoulders and is worn open in the front, walking the line between outerwear and an accessory. Boleros are customarily made of mink and have shorter sleeves, giving them a distinct look.

One of the primary benefits of wearing a bolero is that it allows you to add glamour and warmth to your ensemble without truly covering you up. You can flaunt your gown or shorter dress without having a longer coat attract all of the attention. It is also, of course, perfect for day affairs or for cooler nights which do not require full outerwear. A bolero can even be worn on summer evenings in most climates, giving you year-round use for this beautiful coat.

The “bolero” label also covers a range of longer jackets that have a more conventional look, including ones which tie and zip in the front, and they can be found in varying fur types, colors, and styles. Boleros are perfect when paired with strapless gowns or shorter dresses, and they also look beautiful when combined with more casual blouses and jeans, giving you the perfect tool for adding style to any outing.

White Mink Fur Shrug | ML Furs

Regardless of the length of fur you choose, these outerwear selections are an incredible way to give you warmth, comfort, and beauty every time you leave the house. From ankle-length beauties to simple yet ultra-functional boleros, a fur coat can instantly take an outfit from standard to stunning.