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Fur Gloves Are A Great Choice For Formal Wear, Or Are They?

By September 23, 2014 accessories, fur

If you have a pair of fur gloves in your closet already, or if you’ve just lusted after them for years, you’ve likely heard the common misconception that they can only be worn to formal occasions. Fur is often worn to formal occasions when the temperature drops, but that doesn’t mean that wearing fur to formal events is a rule that has to be followed at all times.

When you look at fur gloves, there are three options that you traditionally have, and one isn’t even a glove at all!

Fur Muffs – If you’re looking for formalwear, this is the best choice. A fur muff looks great, feels great, and is the perfect choice for a formal event, like an awards dinner. You will want to look your best, and these beautiful muffs will keep your hands warm while you do it!

Fur Mittens – Luxe and luscious describe fur mittens. While they are far more versatile than a fur muff, they are still a bold and beautiful choice. From football games to holiday parties, fur mittens may be the are a great stylish choice to keep your hands warm.You may not want to wear these to the most casual event, but if you are planning on heading out to a cocktail party or other semi-formal event, this can still be a great choice.

Fur Gloves – These often come with a base of leather and are trimmed with fur, for a beautiful combination that you won’t want to put down. Are you looking for seeming that you could wear to seemingly any event, from formal to casual? This is the choice for you.

Where do you lie when looking at fur gloves? Are you a big fan of the fur muff, or are you partial to mittens or gloves instead? All of them are beautiful choices, and we stock the best representations of these furs on our online store.

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