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Embrace the Lavish Luxury of Finn Raccoon

By May 20, 2014 fur

Whether your impressive fur collection has been expanding for years, or you’re in the market to purchase your very first fur piece, you will love the fur widely used by designers. The addition of Finn Raccoon to fur coats or fur scarves, brings in even more to the gorgeous aesthetic of fur pieces. Finn Raccoon is Saga regulated and exclusive. Saga Furs is an auction house that specializes in fox, Finn Raccoon fur coats, accessories and mink products that are marketed globally. Saga Furs unites different facts of the fashion industry by connecting and partnering with fashion houses and manufacturers of clothing to fur breeders and suppliers, they are constantly at the center of it all. The elite Finn Raccoon fur features longer hair and characteristic markings, the natural shades offer wild, yet refined looks. This fur type looks stunning when dyed in a multitude of colors, because it retains the markings and textures that set it apart from many other types of fur. If you choose a garment or accessory that features Finn Raccoon touches, you are guaranteed to love it for many years to come and turn heads wherever you go.

Finn Raccoon touches and trimming are a great way to instantly add a lot of luxury and glamour to any piece. The beautiful fur is held in high regard in the industry and achieves an aesthetic that is unique and timelessly sophisticated. For a coat that will certainly make a statement, choose the Red ‘Astrid’ Thinsulate Coat with Finn Raccoon Fur Hood. Chic and sophisticated meets polished and high function technology when describing this M. Miller coat. This beauty features a detachable Finn Raccoon trimmed hood for convenience and functionality. You can wear this coat almost anywhere.


For something even more luxurious, fur lovers adore gorgeous and stylish vests. Fur vests can dress up almost any look no matter where you are going. Add a Finn Raccoon fur vest to your wardrobe for ultimate luxury and unparalleled comfort. The beautiful Cassin Collections Finn Raccoon and White Rabbit Tunic Fur Vest will be the perfect addition to any fur lover’s closet. This fun and fluffy tunic vest by Sherry Cassin is a combination of bleached Finn Raccoon, dyed white sheared rabbit and complete with raccoon trim. It has a cute peter pan collar with hook and eye closures and a nice silk blend lining for extra comfort. Adding this glamorous fur vest to your favorite long sleeve little black dress, textured stockings, and high-heeled knee high boots will most certainly get you noticed no matter what the occasion. For an ultra glamorous look, add a pop of red lipstick and gold hoop earrings.

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