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Dress up Your Home with Fur Throws and Home Décor

By May 13, 2014 fur, home decor


Welcome luxurious fur into your humble abode with the addition of glamorous home décor from ML Furs. Embellishing your personal space with fur throws and rugs you love and appreciate is a great way to characterize and incorporate your thumbprint into the design of your home. Your collection of fur doesn’t have to be limited to garments and accessories. Now you can enjoy the level of sophistication that your fur coats and fur shrugs bring to your wardrobe, in your décor around your home! With ML Furs collection of lavish throws, pillows and rugs, fur fans can now add luxury, sophistication and warmth to any home with just a touch of fur. These elements can harmonize any space providing an alluring beauty and unrivaled texture. Fur décor doesn’t stop there; it can also add a cozy, chic and comfortable touch to any atmosphere, turning the living space from an urban loft into a mountain cabin. Whether you’re looking to add a cozy contrast to your glamorous and linear pieces, or prefer to add even more warmth to your space, fur throws, pillows and rugs are the ideal additions to any home!

The versatility and unparalleled aesthetic of a fur throw will quickly become the focal point of any living space the second you welcome the stunning piece into your home. Drape a throw on top of your bed or favorite couch within your home or cabin for an addition that serves as a design element as well as an option for optimum cuddling. You will love a luxurious throw like the Natural Russian Sable Fur Throw. Indulge in this truly luxurious natural Russian sable plate. You and your guests will love how amazing this beautiful throw looks and feels. It truly makes an exceptional addition to any home or cabin. Treat yourself or someone you love with the sumptuous feel of fur this winter. Russian Sable Fur is the most lavish of all furs. The fur itself is extremely lightweight and very soft and silky in texture. Russian sables are the densest and silkiest also possessing silver tipped guard hairs. Sables are extremely exclusive, as exclusive as they are is as beautiful as they are.

For a lighter colored throw, opt for the glamorous look of the Natural Golden Island Shadow Fox Fur Throw. This stunning piece will be the perfect addition to a deep brown leather couch or dark wood furniture and accents. Sought after for its long distinctive hair and color variation, fox remains one of the most fashionable types of furs which requires regular cleaning and care to keep the fur fluffy as well as keeping the skins soft and supple. Add this natural multi golden island shadow fox fur throw to any room by laying it over the back of a sofa, at the foot of the bed, or casually draping it over a hassock near a fireplace. This accessory is not only beautiful, but it is also functional for any living space.

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