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Don’t Let Damaged Furs Ruin Your Day

By September 18, 2014 fur

There is something to be said for buying the best. You get a beautiful item that you can wear over and over again, and it’s something that you never get tired of. Aside from that, your beautiful clothing and shoes can wear well over time, looking better and better with each passing year, assuming that you take care of them.

You may have a fur or a pair of UGGs that you’ve had forever, but which may have seen better days. This is a common occurrence, and something that we see far too often at ML Furs. Fortunately there is always something that can be done to refinish your garment and make it look incredible.

Our UGG Repair Warehouse
Our UGG repairs aren’t just repairs, they are total rejuvenations. You can send us any pair of UGGs that you have, and we will go to work on them, cleaning, waterproofing, refurbishing, and repairing your prized boots, shoes, or slippers until they look perfect. When you care for your UGGs properly by sending them to us, we can make sure that they will last for years to come.

How Do You Maintain Your Furs
While you may know that furs need to be properly stored to stay looking great, did you know that they also need to be maintained on an annual basis? If you’ve noticed that your fur is starting to look and feel a little dry, then you need to have the fur properly glazed. This process will help to restore the shine to the exterior of the fur, but it will also condition and moisture the pelts to help the garment last longer and maintain the structure of the fur itself.

These processes are essential to proper maintenance of your fur, and they are easy to do as well. ML Furs has a full storage and repair shop that will take your fur and completely refinish it, returning a beautiful fur that you can wear for years to come. Why let your furs begin to degrade when you can keep them looking stunning with the help of ML Furs.

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