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Choose Coyote Fur for a Signature Look

By April 29, 2014 accessories, fur

Fur fans and collectors have a keen appreciation for the timeless elegance of fur accessories and fur coats for women. No matter which type of fur you choose to wear, you can rest assured knowing that with elegant and alluring pieces from fur gloves to fur coats for women, you will always be glamorous and fashionable no matter what fleeting trends are popular at the moment. ML Furs is a furrier that offers the web’s most extensive collection of fur choices, from stunning chinchilla to luxurious coyote. If you’re looking for the signature appearance of coyote fur, look no further than ML Furs. Offering highlights of color throughout the beautiful, luxurious fur, coyote fur will add glamor to any look no matter what occasion awaits you. The color of this gorgeous fur varies from grayish-brown to yellowish-gray or an off-white, depending on geographic origin. Coyote fur is beautiful and resilient, and generally more affordable than many other types of fur. You will love how this fur makes a soft, lovely trim on collars and cuffs. The density of coyote fur makes it a natural choice for hats, coats, and throws for the home.

Pologeorgis Coyote Fur Scarf | ML Furs

Fur accessories like wraps and scarves are an extremely luxurious way to embellish any look. Adding a touch of fur to simple outfits like leggings, riding boots, and wool sweaters, will give your steeze a relaxed, yet glamorous weekend look. Fur shawls and wraps are the perfect way to add even more style to your black tie looks for an evening out. Take a note from everyone’s favorite city girl and fashion icon, Carrie Bradshaw and add a wrap or a shawl to a super feminine full skirt or dress for an evening out. Avid fur collectors, those who haven’t purchased a fur piece in years, and those interested in just beginning their fur collection, will all love to add a beautiful coyote fur scarf to their wardrobe. The Pologeorgis Coyote Straight Fur Scarf from ML Furs is a gorgeous choice that can accompany any of your outfits from everyday casual to black tie chic. Staying warm and stylish with this natural coyote patchwork straight scarf is not hard to do. The lining consists of a gorgeous pale gold silk blend. Pair this stunning scarf against bold colors like Pantone’s color of the year, Radiant Orchid or a vibrant blue to bring out the bold hues even more. No matter how you choose to style your Coyote Straight Fur Scarf, this piece is sure to become one of your favorite ways to accessorize.

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