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Break 3 Fur Fashion Taboos | ML Murs

Three Fur Fashion Taboos You Should Break

By On November 15, 2016

For those new to the world of fur, you might feel as if your fur selections are limited by certain unwritten “rules” that must be followed. This idea usually comes from a… Read More

How to Determine Fur Length For You | ML Furs

How to Determine Which Fur Length is Best for You

By On November 1, 2016

For many, hearing the phrase “fur coat” produces a mental vision of the long, formal coats which have graced opera houses, red carpets, and other formal affairs for generations. But the truth… Read More


Reap the Luxurious Benefits of Rabbit Fur

By On May 6, 2014

For a luxurious and always stylish fur piece that can resemble just about any other type of fur, rabbit fur is the glamorous chameleon of the fur world. Rabbit fur coats and… Read More


Embrace the Beauty of Beaver Fur

By On April 22, 2014

When looking to buy fur coats, not only are stylish shoppers in search of comfort and warmth, but they are also looking for a glamorous aesthetic that will make a luxurious statement.… Read More


Add Luxury to Your Look with Fox Fur

By On March 25, 2014

Choose Fox Fur Coats and Accessories from ML Furs When choosing fur, why not opt for the most fashionable fur out there? With luxurious and stylish fox fur that is always popular,… Read More