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How to Choose Fur Accessories

By On October 4, 2016

Accessories are a simple way to incorporate fur into your everyday style. They offer the luxury and glamour of fur in a versatile package, and make the perfect accompaniment for even a… Read More


Fur Gloves Are A Great Choice For Formal Wear, Or Are They?

By On September 23, 2014

If you have a pair of fur gloves in your closet already, or if you’ve just lusted after them for years, you’ve likely heard the common misconception that they can only be… Read More


Choose Coyote Fur for a Signature Look

By On April 29, 2014

Fur fans and collectors have a keen appreciation for the timeless elegance of fur accessories and fur coats for women. No matter which type of fur you choose to wear, you can… Read More


Customized Denver Broncos Scarf by Glamourpuss NYC

By On December 6, 2013

Are you ready for some football? Well getting ready for game day can be somewhat of a challenge for many women! What to wear? Glam, Sporty, Sporty Glam? So the real question… Read More